Kp Message 9-10-18… “This is what’s been Going On (and NOT going on) over Here…”

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I was “supposed” to be on Kauai right now. On a mission. That was my Guidance, as of a few days ago. Flight purchased, rental car reserved, and I knew it was to be done on 9-11. Well, the 3D body had other ideas. As I recall, I have never cancelled a mission before, but this was a different story.

While on Maui (the “Expanded Illumination” mission), at the 11:11 PM 8-28-18 part, where I climbed up a path on Haleakala, I slipped coming down, fell on my a$$, and at the same time got a couple small (1/2″) scratches on the back of my lower left leg. Absolutely no big deal. I treated it with what I always carry with me (includes tea tree and clove oils), covered with band aids and continued on the mission, going in the ocean at a couple places, having mocha after mocha, and…

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