Embodying Your Soul For Greater Ease and Flow: New Moon Inspiration


Two days ago, a dear friend Cecilia shared,”…I believe that during the past few months in particular, something has changed within me so profoundly and permanently. I can now face anything with confidence and a sense of self-worth. And when contrast occurs, it is actually for the better.”

Cecilia nicely summed up what my guides have long hinted as the beautiful outcome of the soul-personality integration that many of us will experience in this life.

From memory, this was what the Spiritual Hierarchy has ‘forewarned’ me several years ago:

  • The stepped-up energy frequencies, both within ourselves and on planet Earth, will be experienced by more people as frequent intervals of ‘ups and downs’, ‘elevating and depressive’ and other similar highly-contrasting experiences and vibrations
  • The faster pulsating energies held within and around our body cells enable a wider array of vibrational experiences to be manifested as our outer realities, thus, the rapidly-alternating…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.