Changing Beliefs, Behaviors, Traits or Habits Easily

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

It is really easy to change a belief, behavior, trait or habit. If we give ourselves about 5 minutes a day to dedicate to the process of transformation. Without the necessity of seeking “outside” assistance.

Because many of our beliefs and habits are truly trained and/or memorized bodily responses. They become unconscious traits or responses that we enact, or embody, mostly unknowingly. And many times, we view these as personal traits that are immobile or unchangeable. Characteristics like, I’m “short-tempered” or I’m “bad at remembering names” or I’ve issues with my “weight”.


However, when we chose to, we may change any belief, behavior, habit or trait that we have, if we truly desire. The process in itself is fairly simple and straightforward. Because, we already know the desired belief that we are wanting to change. Which means we are not having to spend time, identifying the desired outcome. We know…

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