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IMG_20180909_112034_367Many have messaged saying that this is a triple 9 Portal 9:9:9 as the year 18 reduces to 9!!…so that Triples the Power of this very significant gateway of New Beginnings . 9 as we know is the number of Endings and Beginnings and a number often associated with the Maha Kali, The Goddess of Time.

And if you read my previous post ( link below), this gateway greatly assisting in the Rise of Lemuria, The Divine Feminine , once again.

We are being guided to set the intention of

#reconnecting with our SOUL TRIBE (144)

#Activating our unique Crystal Temple Flame ie Our Unique Soul Gifts that can be used for the Greatest Good of All and Gaia

#connecting with our dolphin/ mermaid aspects and co partners to assist with the anchoring of the Highest Diamond Timeline of Gaia

#connecting with the crystals esp aquamarine , quartz ,Lemurian crystals…

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