The Spiritual Antidote to Terrorism, Tragedy and War

Courtesy of fractal enlightenment“The earth itself is already in a fifth dimensional alignment it’s just the tipping point has not occurred where a certain amount of beings are anchoring fifth dimension to make the external reality as fifth dimensional as our internal experience is. And that’s what we are doing is creating a tipping point. And up until this tipping point we seem to live in a play where we seem to be living out the infinite possibilities of ‘free will’, what that really means is, the dark has just as much freedom as the light. But when we have the tipping point and fifth dimension is anchored as a collective energy, dark won’t be able to do what it’s done because it won’t be able to do the things that are out of alignment with divine will (fifth dimensional consciousness). So do you know what we’re living out right now? This is the last stand darkness has, this is it’s last shot.” ~ Matt Kahn  Please continue reading

Source: The Spiritual Antidote to Terrorism, Tragedy and War

Author: dreamweaver333

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