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New Moon is Sunday, September 9 at 12:01PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This moon is a good one for choices to release what does not intuitively feel good to you in your life. It may make mental sense to continue holding on, but listen to your heart on this one. There is some good energy as well for integrating all the new opportunities, wisdom and information that may have come into your field in the past few weeks.

Focus on personal tasks and tend to your immediate environment. This new moon pulls the energy inward so you can be with your own thoughts, feelings and decisions. Expansion will come later. Right now its time to follow through on your new inspirations and breakthroughs of the past few weeks. If you are still sitting on a pile of unfinished business, make a practical plan for completion and follow though.




Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at

Virgo New Moon Cycle

Sun and Moon in Virgo ~ 17º

Sunday, Sept. 9, 12:01 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(September 9, 6:01 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

Our lunar monthly reset in Virgo brings integration of mind, body, and spirit.  ALL the planets (and most of the asteroids) are in yin signs ~ earth or water, feminine signs.  New Moon Virgo brings to the fore our physical and emotional needs.  We need to tend our gardens, focus on digestion whether it’s food or information, look to our storage areas, and trust our gut reactions.  We reflect on and integrate the story we are telling ourselves, and release the tightly clenched fingers of perfectionism, criticism and doubt.  Because of its axis with Pisces, Virgo has a relationship with the sacred goddess we carry in our hearts.  Virgo serves that goddess within.  She understands sacrifice and serving the sacred mystery.  At the same time, Virgo’s love of order and duty keeps our daily life, our work, what sustains us in efficient and productive running mode here in the physical plane.

Neptune (15º retrograde) in Pisces is opposite the Sun and Moon.  We are working diligently at tidying up our karmic debts from the past that stand in the way of holding more reverence for Spirit and more light of consciousness.  We seek to create beautiful containers for Spirit in the forms of our bodies, our environments whether home or work, our thoughts ~ through which we express the spirit of who we are in the physical plane.  The down side is getting lost in self-defeating delusions and addiction, telling ourselves a story to cover over the suffering we experience and do not express.

The Grand Trine in Earth signs of late August is still active, but this time involving Saturn, Uranus and Mercury (not Sun).  That’s what solid, practical support looks like.  With the gift of a Grand Trine, you have to use it, apply it to activate the juice it has otherwise it slips by in a cloud.

On the other hand, you may find yourself in a deadlock of resistance reflected in the Grand Square in fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius) generally known for its stress-creating lessons and magnified stubbornness.  Venus and Uranus square the North and South Node axis creating the cross with Mars lending its excessive energy to the release of that which holds the energy of the past at a lower frequency than where we are headed.  This will most likely play out in your relationships, in psychological issues long buried and ripe to be healed, issues with the masculine, the father, financial issues and issues of self worth and value.  Because it’s a Virgo New Moon, it may also appear as issues in your body, health, diet, organization needs or neglect of that sacred place within your heart.  If you’ve done your inner homework, you may be riding the wave of shifting up the chest pieces of your life with much-appreciated synchronicity and support.


Saturday, September 22, 7:55 PM MDT

Sun enters Libra

A powerful time of the year when the planet comes into poignant balance with the Sun.  The Sun shifts into Libra, a Venus-ruled, masculine Air sign just prior to Full Moon in Aries, so a time filled with robust emotional energy.  Our mental bodies will feel energized as Mercury is traveling so close to Sun.  A healing, alchemical season turning our ‘unspeakables’ into strong, helpful, wise allies as Chiron, the natural forest healer and teacher opposes the Sun.  Our inner ‘warrior’ is up for some balancing, growth, and soul searching as Saturn, Lord of Karma, oversees the experiences we need to learn responsibility, respect, and integrity.

Equinox is the perfect time to honor the balance of the Sun and Earth and ask these elementals for guidance for the next season giving your doubts, confusions, and overwhelms up as sacred offerings to powers greater than you.



Sun in Libra ~ Moon in Aries 2º

Monday, Sept 24, 8:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time

(Tuesday, Sept 25, 2:52 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

The Harvest Full Moon has caught up to Chiron retrograde who continues to oppose the Sun.  We’re reaching back to heal what alienates us from each other.   Saturn and Vesta square the Sun/Moon axis forming a T-Square reinforcing the tensions of the Equinox.  There’s a challenge here to utilize our inner self-reliance to move our awakening forward.  As we heal our own inner conflicts, we heal our ancestral lines as well.  Saturn and Vesta both 2º Capricorn lend us strength, integrity, the long view and the courage to go within and focus on what is sacred to us.  Together they provide a balanced, steadying force to the Aries Full Moon.

The North and South Nodes are very activated. 4º Leo/Aquarius.  The Nodes are our raw growing edge (North) and where we reach to the past and release and resolve the lessons we came here in this lifetime to finish up (South).  Mars has been working the South Node for months bullying us into letting go ‘for our own good’.  That Mars/South Node point is involved in THREE sacred geometry configurations:  a Grand Square, a Grand Trine, and a Mystic Rectangle!  Is that even possible?  The planets have aligned to give us a choice.  We can choose whatever frequency at which we want to vibrate:  Grand Square in fixed signs for maximum resistance, conflict and frustration, or Grand Trine in mostly Air signs learning to work with the mental realms and express our masculine selves creatively and with great ease, flexibility and cooperation, or Mystic Rectangle to use the opportunities provided and make something meaningful happen in our lives applying our gifts and talents.  Your choice.

Mars is our masculine source of assertive action and instinctive vitality full of passion, independence and willfulness, but at the lowest vibrations you get abuse of power, self-centeredness, greed and aggressive bad behavior – something we see played out collectively of late.  Mars rules this Aries Full Moon and it may turn out to be a rough and tumble one or a very dynamic one for you.  Fortunately for us, astrology is a balance of fate and free will.  The planets are aligned, and now you have free choice as to how you respond.  That’s how this Earth game is set up.

All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

10/05 Venus retrograde 11º Scorpio until 11/16

10/08 Libra New Moon 16º 9:47 PM MDT

10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 5:22 AM MDT

10/24 Taurus Full Moon 1º 10:46 AM MDT

Written by Patricia Liles.  Contact her at


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