Craving Dark Chocolate?!?…Light body upgrades


IMG_20180906_193316_243Craving Dark Chocolate?!?…Light body upgrade

While a week back it was Magenta Light Ray that was flooding the planet which was then joined by the Violet Ray and together they brought us much needed healing while we balanced our inner Feminine and Masculine at a much higher Vibrational level .

But past few days it’s back to the Platinum Diamond Plasma Laser Light shows again ( possibly due to the 9:9 New Moon Portal opening up) These can be felt in the head / crown as tinglings/ headaches and extreme tiredness in the body as physical light body upgrades are initiated.

We are oscillating between physical light body upgrades with short rest periods. During the periods of rest the skin looks super Luminious and shiny and glossy just like a new skin!?? During Dna upgrades towards higher crystalline frequency skin could appear rough and flakey just like the old skin…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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