The Original Instructions: Shamanic Wisdom

Modern Spiritual Living

Once Upon A Time, in the beginning, we all received instructions. These instructions contain the knowledge and wisdom to live on Earth in absolute health and harmony. Nature eternally lives by this vibrationally-inscribed code of equilibrium. Humankind, on the other hand, has largely forgotten the original instructions on how to walk with a good mind and a kind open heart. This explains today’s emotional chaos and endless list of diseases.

I learned about the power of dreams and visions, meditation, plant medicine, and energy healing when I was just a child. Now, more than 26 years later, I have made it my life to bring these forgotten secrets of integral healing to urban lifestyles all over the world.

We are entering a golden era of consciousness and peacemaking. Humanity is slowly awakening to the innate truths by finally recognizing an urgent need to divorce itself from many dictated lifestyle choices…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.