Overview of the 8-28-18 to 8-31-18 Solar Portal “Expanding Illumination” Mission on Maui… (photos and videos to follow)

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Kp with ‘Iao “needle” in background The mission (which was “implied” in this prior Kp blog post) was carried out on the island of Maui, from 8-28-18 through 8-31-18.

As I mentioned in other posts (post 1; post 2), there were many indications that this was connected with a massive new beginnings type of deal. I was moved to leave on Tuesday, 8-28-2018, as it was an “11” day (8+2+8+2+0+1+8 = 29 = 11). In fact, I chose the time as 11:15, the closest to 11:11 I could get (and, yes, it was on Mokulele Airlines, my all time favorite island air transport!).

The first day (8-28), I was strongly pulled to ‘Iao needle, to connect. I viewed the water flowing there. It was muddy and flowing rapidly (kind of “out of control”). Energetically, it felt like something was being cleared, and “washed away”… big…

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