Equinox/Full Moon Update 9-22-18 and 9-24-18

Courtesy of The Power Path


The Equinox is Saturday, September 22 at 7:55PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) and the Full Moon is Monday, September 24 at 8:52PM MDT 

This equinox is designed to support and honor inspired change and new intentions. Change requires letting go. What you let go of includes your harvest of lessons and experiences of relationships and events and it is important to honor the medicine of your personal harvest as you choose
what to let go of and what to fold into a new cycle.  Please continue reading

Source: Equinox/Full Moon Update 9-22-18 and 9-24-18

The Power of the Vision: This Is A Time of Great Awakening!

Courtesy of InnerSelfby Barbara Berger.

What is the next step? Where are we all going? We are witnessing … and participating in … great events, extraordinary events. Nothing less than a planetary transformation is taking place, right here and now. Nothing less than a revolution in consciousness is going on. This is a time of great awakening! Hallelujah!  Please continue reading

Source: The Power of the Vision: This Is A Time of Great Awakening!

The Art of Speaking Up and Taking Charge of Your Life

Courtesy of InnerSelfby Jude Bijou, M.A., M.F.T.

Both men and women have to learn to speak up in order to take charge of their lives and cultivate meaningful relationships! This applies to school, work, business, family, and social events. As scary as it can seem at first, I guarantee that speaking up will bring copious rewards and breakthrough moments.  Please continue reading

Source: The Art of Speaking Up and Taking Charge of Your Life