Containing Destructive Energy…Then Unleashing Creative Aligned Expression | Openhand

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Life is full of paradoxes. In fact the more we walk the path, we may realise each stone we tread, is in itself a grey area of multiple truths,  Please continue reading

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Closing Cycles, Shutting Doors, Ending Chapters

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Of course things don’t always happen they way we wish they would.

There are moments in which we feel we are seeking something that is not meant for us, knocking on doors that don’t open, waiting for miracles that don’t manifest themselves.  Please continue reading

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Creating ‘Newmories’ from Painful or Traumatic Memories

Courtesy of InnerSelfCreating 'Newmories' from Painful or Traumatic Memories

All of us have traumatic memories.

Over the years we may become aware how they are affecting our lives in negative ways. For instance, a father was less than kind and we suddenly notice ourselves being harsh towards our own son. Or, we were sexually abused thirty years ago and still shrink back from intimacy today, unable to freely receive and give love.  Please continue reading

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The Great Liberation: Abandoning Yourself To Your Experience

Courtesy of InnerSelf Alan Watts.

Scientist and philosopher may argue to the end of time, but meanwhile the human soul thirsts, and psychologist, priest, and mystic have the temerity to suggest that there may be ways of approach to the ultimate mysteries other than laboratory observation and pure logic. For while scientist and logician dissect and analyze, the mystic looks for meaning in the whole.  Please continue reading

Source: The Great Liberation: Abandoning Yourself To Your Experience

Kellie couldn’t live there any more – Lucia Sullivan


Enchanted Forest by Jane Ray @ The Rose Gallery


“Kellie couldn’t live there any more.
There was no place to breathe.
No place to call home.
She had rattled the forest with tears;
At times.
She knew,
That only the ancestors and the Pines would hear her.
And they were too silent,
To speak back.
She talked by the creek to the wind and the water.
It soothed her like spring rain.
But it too,
Was too alive in some mystic dimension,
To speak back.

Kellie had gone from the country side.
Far from the winter ice that hung off of the willows,
Like diamonds shining in the sun.
She may never know the warmth of a home again.
It lay in her memory,
Like a heavy blanket in a creaky farmhouse,
Heated by wooden embers.
She knew that smell of wood and cold.
She knew those footprints that…

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Restructure of Civilization / October 2018

New Earth Unity Foundation


Welcoming New as we Renew our frequency, embracing the present, being more of who we are. October theme is authenticity, Integration, rest and rejuvenating, create action plan through energy of soul/mission and observe to connect all elements and fully embody the highest and purest energy of higher self in physical. Holographic timelines will merge and at the same time will collapse and transform faster and faster, like in a day the entire physical dimension can shift to a more powerful and clear physical reality unless we still have unresolved human/3D frequencies.

Complete let go of all lower connections, emotional behaviour patterns & programs.

The next two months will be focused on purity, centralized and anchoring of Divine Self in Body, crystallizing the light body through heart centre/ one Heart and then bringing everything in alignment with the source.
We are becoming walking portals, fully grounded…

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