High standards, low bars

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I believe in seeking excellence and I set high standards for myself in many aspects of my life. Not, I will admit, in domestic order and dusting! I also believe in inclusion and this means setting the bar as low as possible. I want the people in my life to have opportunity to grow, flourish and become excellent. No one can already be brilliant at all the things, so space for people who are not so good is important. Often, I also need to seek that space for me. There are many things in which I am a novice, or that I find inherently difficult.

What kinds of things make for minimum entry requirements? Showing up. Being enthusiastic. Caring. Trying. Aspiring to do better. Wanting to learn. Not being an asshat. These are the key things, from my perspective.

A person who starts out from here, will contribute meaningfully. Even…

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