Conscious Competition or Cooperation?

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

It is fascinating to know that everything has its own “version” of consciousness. From subatomic particles to the vast reaches of what we refer to as space. Each individuated aspect of its “own kind” has consciousness with which it interacts with the creation. Another interesting point to realize, is that each aspect of consciousness innately strives for harmony and fulfillment, within the whole of creation.

This should strike us as significant, as this, in and of itself, proves that the reality is one that is innately created to be of harmonious cooperation. With each aspect of consciousness contributing through its own fulfillment, for and towards, the whole of creation. Thus, proving the creation is truly not based on scarcity and “competition”. Which most of us where taught, as children. And are even being taught this today, wrongly so.


If we were to look at our own bodies, as an example…

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