Pisces Full Moon: A Balancing of Energies.

Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach

The Full Moon reminds me that time is not linear, that with each full phase of the moon, I am renewed, and that there is a chance to start again.

So often, we get caught on the treadmill of life; doing, running, thinking, preparing for the future. We forget that time is not our master, that the wheel of life turns and returns as well.

I think that that is the most potent of full moon magic…the return.

To return is to see ourselves in a new light. It is to re-visit a place within ourselves that is familiar but which can be re-envisioned, re-created. It is hope and lessons learned and the lessons before us.

With this moon, we have a chance to understand ourselves better…and that is what cosmic events are for; opportunities to heal, to see the beauty of our soul and to honor that beauty with…

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