Energy Update ~ Eclipse Integration, Sun Enters Virgo ~ August 23, 2018

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By Meg Benedicte

Now that we’ve survived the eclipse series, the intensity of the past two months will ease up a bit. Mercury just stationed direct on August 19th and Mars turns direct on August 27th. If you been feeling stuck or sluggish, the cosmic energy begins to flow forward again.

This coming week the Sun leaves fiery Leo and enters Virgo on Thursday, 23rd, plus a Full Moon at 3º Pisces on Aug 26th. That’s a lot of movement in such a short time, as the mutable signs signal the changing of the seasons. You may experience a veritable shift in energy, as new timelines come online.

Eclipses shake things loose. We’ve been shedding layers of outdated patterns, programs and trauma that have been holding us back. You should start to feel a lighter load with new direction. The Pisces Full Moon will help us tie up loose ends…

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