Healing with Motherwort

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A warrior herb that nurtures the heart and spirit of women.

As women around the world share their stories and their voices, never has there been a better time for motherwort. Aptly named, this warrior weed targets women’s health, especially the reproductive system, but its value goes well beyond, strengthing not only the body but the spirit as well. Centuries of use demonstrate how this beneficial botanical belongs in your medicine chest.

Growing Tall

Motherwort is a hardy perennial in the Lamiaceae {mint} family that’s native to northern Eurasia {including Siberia}. Immigrants brought it to North America to use as medicine and as a food for bees, and it has thrived ever since, considered invasive in many of the states in which it grows. Flourishing wildly in neglected gardens, meadows, riverbanks, open woods, and roadsides, motherwort can and will grow prolifically just about anywhere it finds well-drained soil and full…

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