Gestation Period of The Divine Child


Cocoon_lrgI have been  shown the following two images:-

I was in  a what looked like a glass tunnel( like in underwater aquariums) and a multiple of timelines were shown to me floating over me and around me…all of beautiful high dimensional colours. I felt I could simply reach out and align with which ever timeline I felt like.

The Second image that I was shown was an Embryo in a Womb of The Golden Light  of The Goddess. The message was that the Potential is already WITHIN you, Faith, Patience and Nurturing will eventually allow the full manifestation of the Potential already encoded with.

My interpretation of what I was shown .

I had mentioned  post the First Eclipse of July 13 where I was told to focus on the White Gold Spiral of Platinum Light representative of the 3rd Aspect of the Trinity ( Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Divine…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.