LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Gateways Opening – Star Particle Activations Increase in our LightBodies – 2222 Code Works with Breath Oxygen Blood – Itchies, Tingling, Magical Bio-Electrical Energies – 8-16-18

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Lisa Brown

Alohaaaaaaaaaa beautiful Light family!

SOULar codes from yesterday….. exquisite cosmic rainbows and frequency bandwidths pouring through!

Some sweet nature captures, pristine pink & purple new earth skies….

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Powerful 2222 Code Activations for each’s Evolving Physical LightBody. These, combined with some pretty StarCodes/Particle activations, work with our blood, oxygen/breath on a deep cellular level. Some may have itchies, tinglies…. bio-electrical charges increasing strongly too. Vision, hearing and other things will shift. Gravity may shift/go soon too. It’s starting, as we expand. Not noticing massive temp changes yet. It’s actually getting “cooler”, instead of heat. We are going Galactic! (more) ♫

We are going really really high all morning, as Gateways opened up last night and again this morning too. Ultra-sonic frequencies working with our Crystalline LightBody and more right now. Update as we flow, as I’m in slam-mode again today.*

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