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...wo das Herz erwachen kann

Consciousness is changing, is constantly being communicated in the various forums and blog posts and many don’t know what it means.

When we speak of consciousness, many have different explanations for this part of us, which is an important but not the most important part of us. Consciousness is divided into two parts and this only to make it easier for us to understand this complex “structure”.

From a spiritual point of view, there is no separation or distinction. We do this to make it easier for us to understand. Consciousness is divided into the subconscious and the day consciousness. Day-consciousness is the part where science has the feeling that it is best understood because it is believed to be in the head or brain.

The subconscious is the part that has researched or understands science the least, because it cannot be understood or grasped.

Let us assume that we…

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