WE ARE THE NEW REALITY EVOLVING INTO BEING, by DOING – By Ascension Energies – 8-10-18

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Morgan Lee – We have experienced some incredible opportunities for major transformation over the 8/8 gateway and pre eclipse period.
Numerous possibilities, depending on where we were at, in our own journey’s.

A period of what seemed like extreme chaos, projection, blame, gossip, manipulation, etc. either as the recipient or a perpetrator.

Many wondering what on earth was going on if they were the recipient of this projected chaos not realising that they just needed to make a new choice of self empowerment and letting go, basically choosing love for self, no matter what.

The doors of the old needed to be closed and the time of fence sitting was done. A choice of love for self was called for, even if this meant letting go of loved one’s, but, in a state of compassion.

As we closed these old doors, very quickly new ones opened and this…

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