Jamye Price: Intention for Healing

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A great “How-To” for setting intentions at this most auspicious #Eclipse portal opportunity. ~PB

Jamye Price

Jamye Price: Intention for Healing

Wednesday, 8 August, 2018 (posted 10 August, 2018)

I get a lot of requests for the intention that I have a client or group set before I do energy healing, so I want to share that with you for you to use if you like. I even use it when I am doing healing work on myself.

I was guided to do this intention by my non-physical guides so that the person(s) is taking part in their healing more, and we are both making an agreement of our healthy boundaries. It has a deep meaning that helps to broadly shape the experience, which I will detail below.

We are in a unique time of so much clearing and activation as we reform our physicality into a higher density interaction. The healing…

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