Consciousness Perceptions

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When we speak of consciousness we have been lead to think that we are speaking of something that resides within our brains. And in truth our consciousness is beyond our physical form. Though it is the brain/mind, which receives and interprets the conscious directions and directives. Our consciousness is not “resident” within our physical form.

This becomes intuitive, once we have integrated this realization. We can easily come to terms with the fact that our consciousness is beyond our physical brain/mind. As we can rationalize that our being continues on, when we have shed our physical form. Ask anyone who has had an NDE (near death experience). And I speak of experience. The consciousness that is “you” continues on, physical body, aside.

Abiding in the spiritual realm with all of the seven bodies, except the physical is the usual “death” or transitional experience. Shedding only the physical body. And keeping…

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