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I grew up devoutly Christian. My family went to church at least once a week, if not twice with a bible study thrown in for good measure. I sang in the choir with robes and all.

Even though the Anglican church doesn’t have as much dogmatic or fundamentalist doctrine preached from the pulpit, it is still based on the same book as Catholic or Evangelist churches which contains elements that can be used to persecute others.

But what is “other”?

According to some of the less tolerant Christians I have met, “other” is basically anyone who isn’t straight, white, middle-class, Christian and conservative. In some cases, you may also be required to be a man to be considered human.

I gotta say, that excludes a rather large proportion of the planet.

So why do we live in fear of the scorn from such a closed-minded minority?

I guess its hard…

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