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The Journey Home

In a world of change, where our very foundationary reality is breaking down all around us, what can deliver steadfastness and lasting fulfillment?

I believe first it’s about connecting with the ‘rock’ of your spiritual self. It’s about always being mindful about what connects you to your true place in the Universe. It begins from the very moment you awake in the morning – what do you put your attention on?

Just a few moments of breathing, connecting to nature and the sound of the birds, taking time just to feel your deeper self before the day begins. And then tuning in regularly throughout the day – pausing here and there to reconnect.

What happens is that progressively, your allegiance switches to that sense of rightness and belonging inside of yourself. The soul then starts to take more precedence in life and you find yourself naturally aligning with the flow of life itself. Everything begins to click into place, and even when you encounter a ‘spanner in the works’, you start to accept the learning vehicle
teaching you to let go even deeper.

To me this is the essence of flowing with the Shift. I find it gives meaning and understanding to life. It’s not always simple, but it is straightforward!

Namaste. Open

Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.