LISA TRANSCENDENCE BROWN – Supporting Your Plasma Crystalline LightBody – 8-11-18

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Image by Lisa Transcendence Brown


Nothing like your old human body, yet it’s your human body continually re-configured, recoded, re-calibrated and re-constructed, in all new ways, where Light & Quantum Photonic Bio-Electrical Energy rules your body/field, where you exist and function on/as Pure Source Light. This requires NEW ways of listening to and honoring your SOUL’S PHYSICAL Body AS IT SPEAKS TO YOU, as it does a ridiculous amount of work to repair, upgrade and transform itself from carbon-based to silicon/crystalline/Plasma/Light, which functions very differently than before. All new rules… let go of the old completely, as the old doesn’t apply anymore. Evolution of Advanced DNA beyond what any linear human aspects could understand before. Look for my writings on how NEW EARTH and the LightBody both FUNCTION at a baseline of Gamma Frequencies, to physically walk multi-dimensionally with great ease. The human body and field…

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