Kp Message 8-11-18… “Enjoying the Rides… the ‘Main Shows’ and ‘Side Shows'”

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The more that the msm and other old paradigm communication and/or social media types of deals are exposing their intentions (you know, restrictions of free speech, etc., etc.), the less I want to pay much attention to it. ALL old paradigm concepts which no longer serve humanity and Hue-manity, are falling by the wayside… dissolving before our eyes…

This is a current form of entertainment, at least for myself, but I’m finding the “need” to just allow these things to happen, and “Trust the Higher Plan”. I know there is one, and I know that I do not need (or want) to be aware of all the details of it. I really do not pay any attention to what this or that or this or that governmental department is doing, or what any particular TbT (Tweet by Trump) is intending to accomplish.

All I do know is that it feels…

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