Earth Story

Diary of a MYSTIC

Earth Story…
Once upon a time, there was/will be a planet in our solar system, where lion and deer sleep beside each other. Where Humans live simple and “I love” is the most frequent vibration, in sounds, words and light.
It feels like a dream, vivid and weightless. Sky and rainbows always dancing in horizons and there is no limit across the entire planet. No food goes wasted, no child sleep hungry, no animal is abused.
There are no locks on doors, no more and no less does not exist. Trees are not for sell and fire appears when people hold hands and ask for warmth.
Everyone have a bed, a friend and a place called belonging.
The school books are no longer written on papers, they are music, melodies, activated songs and when children come together, suddenly from the sky, shower of light falls and every green leaf speaks…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.