Angelic Guidance For The Leo New Moon And Partial Solar Eclipse

New Beginnings Guatemala

by Edith Boyer-Telmer

Dear Friends,
only three days ago I shared in my last article a collection of insides about the spiritual influence that todays New Moon in Leo is bringing. And today
we are experiencing the peek impact of this stellar event, which is coming with a very strong energy field – powered up by the Lions Gate. The Angelic Realms are reflecting this development immediately, guiding us towards deeper courage to love unconditionally and happily keep serving the bigger plan.

Here are the numbers that are collectively most present for us right now:
Angel Number 0707:
Congratulations!! You are on the right track. There is no reason for looking back anymore. The time has come to accept the fruits of all the mental, spiritual and physical work we have been doing during all our life. Now is the chance that our current life choices and actions are helping ourselves…

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