11 Ways to Expand Your Consciousness – By Garima Roy – 11 Ways to Expand Your Consciousness – via Fractal Enlightenment – 8-11-18

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“It’s not the world that needs to change – it’s our consciousness we must raise” ~ Rasheed Ogunlaru

Raising your consciousness gives you power to create a happier and fulfilling life. It’s about opening yourself to newer possibilities, reconnecting with your inner self, embracing the divine within you and most importantly, free yourself from the pain and suffering that has been holding you down.

It is a beautiful journey towards becoming more conscious in all aspects of your life. Heightened consciousness breaks the walls of perception, perceived reality, and false beliefs.


Here are 11 ways to raise your consciousness.

1) Find yourself

Once Allen Ginsberg said, “Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”

To find yourself first learn about yourself. Finding the real you is an enlightening experience; you are not what the society has told you to be, or the titles given to you. Don’t…

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