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Three Ways to Improve Your Mood In Five Minutes

Sometimes I just want to be grumpy. Sometimes I feel like the only thing I’ll ever be is sad.

When feelings like this hit me full force, I can’t reason with them. In those raw moments when I feel my worst, the intensity fills me up and its hard to let it go.

Strong emotions are especially unpleasant to deal with when you’re just trying to have a normal day. While there is so much value in being present with your emotions and allowing yourself to feel them, it’s not always the time or place.

Luckily, there are many self-care techniques you can practice and put to good use when you need them the most.

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These techniques can change the way you feel inside your body, especially if you practice regularly.

The goal is to guide your mental focus from one aspect of yourself (in this case, the unwanted emotion) onto another aspect of yourself (such as the sensation of air entering your nostrils).

Below are three of my favorite ways to change how I feel and keep me reaching for deeper moments throughout my day.

1/3: Standing Forward Bend

Forward bend, or Uttanasana in yoga, is a basic, feel-good pose that lengthens and strengthens the hamstrings and encourages blood flow throughout the body. This pose has always been a favorite of mine because it’s simple and requires very little effort, yet it makes my entire body feel amazing.

This pose is relaxing, too; sometimes I dangle for multiple minutes as I enjoy the blissful stretch and gain newfound energy for my day.

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