Lion’s Gate/ Eclipse Passage, Coding of New Earth Design



Lion’s Gate/ Eclipse Passage, Coding of New Earth Design

Wow, the last few days energy was beyond description, intense and fiery! Through its movement Unity codes of Original Blue Print of GOD/BODY/OE are revealed. Still getting the vibrations and allow time for mind cells to break the codes. This is what many Galactic Gate Keepers were waiting for. To truly see the imprint of a Completed Design of our NEW EARTH and how as collective we come together on Earth/Gaia to GROUND and STABALIZE Embodiment of The source, within as well as through our Services to Humanity, Solar System, Milky Way and Golden Galaxies.

Activation Source Codes

Living in Present, witnessing experiences as they rise is the activation of the ORIGINAL Codes of Source within Human body, with purity and clarity of our Crystalized Heart. The waves still continue to come until 12th August. Each Awaken Soul/ family shall…

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