Third of Three ~ Solar Eclipse In Leo!

Spiritual Warrior Path

This Saturday, August 11, The THIRD OF THREE eclipses closes a very potent energetic window of time. A Partial Solar Eclipse in Leo energizes matters of the heart and those things that make that muscle in the center of your chest beat. Much of what transpired in the past month will reverberate for months, similar to the sound of an instrument after it has been played.

LEO is about Love. It’s about loving what you do and loving the one you are with. This eclipse is also about creative self-actualization, and its about making choices from the very enter of your heart. If your heart is not in it, this may very well be a time when you make a choice to change your life in an extreme way. Eclipse season is about endings and beginnings. It is a launching point that can catapult you stronger and further forward than…

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