Kp Message 8-8-18… “Allowing the planet to take care of itself”

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There are quite a few things going on right now. All that needs to be exposed, and cleared, is being exposed… perhaps not all is cleared yet, but first things first. The major mass media is coming apart at the seams, many of the ones who I would have formerly considered “on a stable foundation”, are going through all sorts of eruptive rants and apocalypses. Oh, well. Such are the current times.

To try to keep up with each and every thing going on right now is almost impossible, and, well… it is not my function to do that nor have I sensed is part of my “responsibility”. In fact, right now, so many changes seem to be occurring that I have no idea what my actual role (roles) is here.

Yes, follow Higher Guidance (and all that crap)… which I generally do. But some days it’s just, “Take care…

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