THE RAINBOW GATEWAY – 7-29-18 – BY ASTRAEA ET AMORA – Carla Thompson in Meditation with Julia King – 7-30-18

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Carla Thompson in Meditation with Julia King, July 30, 2018


On Friday July 27 there was a profound gift from the source of All-That-Is. This gift was in the energetic form of what can be best described as living wheels of consciousness.  The manifestation of these living wheels of rainbow light are here now, and they are here to stay.  On this day they were fully integrated into the new living Fifth Dimensional crystalline Matrix that appeared recently…/ascension-report-summer-solstice-and-beyond  and replaced the old third dimensional matrix.

We have made a quintessential leap into a permanent and unified reality of what may be called the Fifth Dimension.  I personally feel that the reality before us has changed, forever.

I have received two messages regarding this Gateway, one from Astraea et Amora yesterday and a second one today from a new beautiful, extremely high frequency source  Please continue reading

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