THE COMPASSION ROAD – BY Kathleen Mary Willis – Gender Equality Begins Within – 8-5-18 – via Golden Age Of Gaia

– via Golden Age Of Gaia

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Golden Age Of Gaia

Sanat Kumara told the New You group in 2014 that they were transcending time and space reality and added:

“I want you to know this in the very core of your brilliant tri-flame, which none of you are working enough with, by the way.” (1)

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Let’s look in a little more depth at that tri-flame and how it relates to gender equality.

Gender equality begins within.

Within our emerald heart chakra is our tri-flame, the Mother’s Blue Flameour own pink flame with it’s silver core, and the Golden Flame of the Father.

These flames when burning brightly, equal in strength and vitality, are gender equality within.

With equal Love for our Divine Mother, our feminine energy and our Divine Father, our masculine energy, in peace and the forgiveness, LOVE and the compassion, joy and the gratitude

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