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What if there was more to a blessing that we thought? Here is a look at what is deeper within the blessing that can raise our vibration to a whole new level.

Turn Your Blessing Into Self-Love

What we find valuable, whether it be love, friendship, gratitude for our job, even a favorite coffee shop that we pass when going for a walk, is a gift. It feels good. In fact, it feels great, because it gave us a moment of feeling blessed. Think about it, that friend that is always ready to be optimistic and supportive. The same one that we can’t wait to connect with. That’s a blessing that feels fantastic!

Imagine a pet that gives unconditional love. There could be a moment that we connect with our pet and everything around us stops, and for a fleeting moment, there is only the two of us. When we tap into that moment, it expands our heart space to allow tremendous gratitude to exist. With all that love we feel compelled to share it. We might take a photo of us hugging our pet and post it on social media. Because we want to share how good we felt at that moment, and how incredible it feels to recognize the genuine love that our pet is providing. … Continue Reading

Source: When a Blessing Becomes Radical Self-Love – OMTimes Magazine

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