We Are Finally Getting Somewhere – Kathy Biehl

Courtesy of OMTimes Magazine

Good things are coming according to the Astrology Forecast August 2018.

We Are Finally Getting Somewhere – Astrology Forecast August 2018

To listen to Astrologer Kathy Biehl discuss the Astrology Forecast August 2018, click the player below.

Now we’re getting somewhere. That thought will be crossing your mind, again and again, this August.

Chaos is still with us but so, increasingly, is a new trend: things making sense. Puzzle pieces are rearranging themselves into recognizable pictures. Retrospection is yielding “Aha!” moments, followed by action plans, followed by action. Hunches, coincidences and wish fulfillment are beaming down in a magnitude of magic. And impulses that have been building for a long, long time are finally moving from wishful thinking to the real world, tangible form, structure, and commitment.  Please continue reading

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