Kp Message 8-3-18… “Internal (fairly strong) Movements”

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Lately I’m feeling “moved” to post quite a few of these “internally generated” messages. Hopefully they are “Higher Self internally generated”. We’ll just presume that they are.

Yes, lately my Guidance has been to:

Go through, Go through, Go through… all my things
Remove, Remove, Remove… all that I’m not using
Clear, Clear, Clear… any old attachments to anything in my personal arena.
Prepare, Prepare, Prepare… for potential (rather suddenly appearing) movements.

That’s the Guidance, baby. And that’s what I’m doing. And by the way, this is NOT “spring (or any other season) cleaning”. I am not a “habit following” person, at all.

I really have no idea why it is happening right now. But I do feel my “attachment” to Big Island is being released. I may still remain here, but the attachment is being dissolved.

I’ve never felt (strongly, or in any way, shape or form) to…

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