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Courtesy of OMTimes MagazineDeveloping these assertive traits will help you to grow your relationships.

Assertive Traits That Can Help You Build Healthy Relationships

Assertive people are not just born naturally, but they are developed. Of course, there are conditions in which the development of certain virtues or abilities is facilitated, but ultimately, we all must work to achieve more precise and constructive ways of being.

Assertiveness could be defined as the ability to relate to others in a sincere and uplifting way, thus constituting a bridge to interpersonal trust. We can also say it it is an attitude towards oneself and others that leads to maintaining the balance between rights and duties, while at the same time taking care of mutual respect, dignity and integrity.

It is much easier to theorize than to put into practice. Assertive people are the fruit of different processes and efforts that come together    Continue Reading

Source: 7 Assertive Qualities for Healthy Relationships – OMTimes Magazine

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