We Are All Deeply Enculturated

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Raphael Awen

Every last one of us has been deeply enculturated.

We’re left with taking responsibility for the cults we find ourselves in.

The first cult we were subjected to, seemingly by our own choice, was the cult of ‘the individuated out from divine source’. This cult left us with a kind of bi-polar disorder of on one hand fearing being returned to source against our will and having our individuality taken from us, and on the other hand, fearing not being able to ever find our way back to oneness source, left in a hell of separation and individuation forever.

Talk about having all the bells and whistles of having been in what feels like a harmful cult! Our hangups, anger, hatred and dysfunctions suddenly make a lot of sense. Could anything be more painful than losing your awareness of your true identity, leaving you and I out…

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