Time of action

New Earth Unity Foundation

As bus getting closer to Phoenix, every cell confirming my presence in control room of Sirian starship, somehow I was here before, not in this body! I know now why Spirit brought me back to this space on Gaia. To collect, activation seals of Sirius, power of Still mountains and magic of walking through stones.
Feeling in a few days a key within my body will be fully activated (Master Key), we open portals to Milky way genius, this is process of descending, the Mother Board coding of Our Star Ancestors, template of a New, living One.

If you are also drawn to Sedona at this time, feel free to get in touch and let fork the magic of light and mystery of Land. Absolute Freedom on Earth, is our mission, as Galactic Wizards. We connect and open gates of Heaven, as Gaia and humanity ascend, force comes through from…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.