Ohio Artist And Environmental Engineer Team Up To Turn Pollutants From Rivers Into Oil Paints

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By Fattima Mahdi, Truth Theory

Want to know how to turn pollution into paint? Meet Ohio artist John Sabraw and environmental engineer Guy Riefler, they are saving waterways from coal mine pollution by turning that pollution into non-toxic paints.

For decades, abandoned coal mines have been oozing with acid mine drainage (AMD), this has polluted up to 1,300 miles of waterways in Ohio alone. “Some of the seeps we work with the release over one million gallons of polluted water a day. This water can have a final pH below 2 and carry over 2000 lbs. of iron. It’s like junking two cars in the stream every single day”, says Sabraw. In an effort to tackle this environmental problem, Riefler and Sabraw came up with a beautiful solution – turn the iron oxide into the paint. “We intercept the toxic acid mine drainage before it gets to the stream…

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