Energy Update: Intense Waves Prep For Lion’s Gate

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By Jelelle Awen

The energies really have been so intense during the last 24 hours! Waves of higher frequency light are being delivered/offered through star family connections…..Sirian and Arcturian especially. Activations during this week of Lion’s Gate opening (light language, contact through dreams, and star DNA too) are preparing us for what we are calling, ‘Cosmic Christmas’ on Wednesday, August 8th.

These energies are sort of pressing down and in on 3D reality in order to move it out. This pressing down has created a heaviness in the body and a sense of being ‘very sleepy’ or just ‘out of it’. And, we are ‘out of it’ in terms of 3D reality and it can really be felt during energy flux UP phases like now.

I actually needed to pull out the pendulum today to ask it (and my Higher Self) which superfoods to eat right now and which to…

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