NEZEL PADAYHAG – 6 Ways To Tap Into Your Heart’s Intelligence and Wisdom – via Dreaming With Dolphins – 8-1-18

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Head and heart

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Dreaming With Dolphins

In life, you may have certainly been in a situation where you need to decide between the contradictory opinions of your heart and your mind.

Things become more difficult when people remind you that your head is where your brain is because it’s higher. Though your heart is protesting, you follow what looks logical and correct.

For decisions involving the most correct choice, like whether or not you should dump a narcissist partner, it’s only wiser to decide with the mind.

However, the function of your heart goes far beyond supporting life.

The heart is also an intelligent organ that interferes with your decision making process, the reason why it wants to be given due consideration at times.

How To Tap Into Your Heart’s Intelligence And Wisdom:

The heart as Hridaya

Researcher Gregg Braden has dug into the ancient technique of using the heart as…

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