August 2018 Astro-Energy Report: Radical Remembrance By Sarah Varcas

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August 2018 Astro-Energy Report:

Radical Remembrance

By Sarah Varcas

August begins in the middle of an eclipse season which continues until the 15th. Last month was an intense journey for many, with solar and lunar eclipses challenging even the most balanced among us! As we embark on a new month we have one more solar eclipse to come on the 11th before things begin to ease. Mars has been conjunct the South Node since the end of May, anchoring our attention in the past, rationalising the adoption of old habits over new approaches and generally holding us back when we most needed to move forward. This has made recent weeks especially difficult as eclipse energies have demanded new responses while our instincts have told us security lies in the familiar. This tie to the past weakens as August begins. For some it may feel like…

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