Oak Island and The Inter Dimensional Beings of Light

The New Divine Humanity

As I recently began writing my first book, I experienced VISION after vision, of the Powerful things I will be sharing in my book. One of those experiences, I am sharing with you now and it is about Oak Island and the Light Beings there.

With the form I inhabit existing in Nova Scotia, one morning I woke with a visit from Light Beings.

They revealed themselves as Inter Dimensional Light Beings and Guardians of Sacred Space on Oak Island and showed me, how when people entered areas of Oak Island, they entered a PORTAL. Although most were unaware of this.

These Beings of Light exist in a Unity of Ascended Light Beings, some of them existed on Atlantis.

They told me, “we are guarding an Ancient Crystal Skull, that will manifest and reveal itself at the appointed frequency time.

This skull they were referring to once existed on Atlantis…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.