Narrowing Corridors On 3D Life & Relationships

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All night long during my brief conscious moments and during sleep too, I was walking down this corridor….a long hallway. The ceiling was getting tighter and the floor rising up to meet it. Not a pleasant feeling…this ‘narrowing’ passageway feeling. Yet, also, I could feel there was LOVE in this movement somehow and that at the ‘end’ of the hallway were wide, OPEN spaces filled with Infinite Possibilities.

As I digest this in the now moment, it feels like a pretty good metaphor for what is happening energetically on the inner and outer cosmic levels. In this now called “August 2018” is a ‘mega month’ of energy activities…another eclipse and the Lion’s Gate opening that peaks in a week on August 8th.

The narrowing corridor I was shown feels like the old life and the previous versions, the 3D self versions and masks and personas, are being ‘pressed down’ in…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.