Create Release and Renew

Divinity In Us Blog - by Gabriel F. Duran

Somehow this sounds familiar, yes! If we process what is being brought forth in our reality of emotions, we will successfully release that which does not serve. And through this process of allowance, we go through the emotional experience, as well as try to figure what emotion is the root-cause of our feeling that has brought this forth. As this allows us to see if the feeling we are experiencing merits further “revealing” or if we just needed to process the feeling, in order to be on our way.


Through this allowance, we achieve success as we fully flow through the process. And this keeps our energy moving in a harmonious way. Even if the emotions expressed where less than harmonious. For through the flow, we do really achieve a state of renewal. And this renewal that we achieve through allowing the process to flow, brings us into alignment, once…

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Author: dreamweaver333

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