LIFE COACH CODE – 5 Ways High Vibrational Energy Affects Humanity – 5 Ways How To Align With It – 7-23-18

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1. Growing communities that take action to save the environment.

Humanity has come to unite in defending ourselves from toxins that bring poison to the air we breathe and the food we eat.

We rise up to save our planet against impending calamities brought by human activities.

More and more people wake up to realize the harm our actions do to the environment and actively choose better ways of living that are in harmony with Nature.

Communities and individuals take drastic action to save the planet and promote alternative ways of using energy. Some even invent brilliant new ways to gather and manage energy.

More people realize that it’s only by coming together and standing for Nature that we’re able to protect ourselves, the environment, and every living creature in the planet.

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2. Bigger and faster connection between people.

As our consciousness raises…

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