Gaia And Humanity



There is a deep dwelling in human form to be met, felt and expressed. A long journey within to the perfection of life, unfolding, receiving and becoming whole.

The humanness of our existence is a door way into greatness of creation between form and spirit. Every thought, movement, vision and action comes together in shaping the expression of life, divinity that breathe and exist in the flow of present.

There is no better time than present to turn pain into pressure. The freedom lies beyond perception and beliefs. At one side of human form, we grow up into borders and limitation of mind, feeling pulled by structures and demands and at the other side, there is a seed hidden within soil of Gaia in us. Chanting the magic of effortless living.

Imagine there is a generous, smooth river moving you effortless forward, ease into the flow. Float aimless and see…

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Author: dreamweaver333

I love to listen to the whispering of spirit.