9 Transformer / CIMI – Living On Purpose: Day 9 of 13

Jaguar Spirit


9 Transformer / CIMI

Greetings Kin,

Our Transformation began with a Gift of Divine Justice delivered by 8 Serpent/CHICCHAN. CHICCHAN Awakened our Consciousness of Love. We Know Love because we Feel it. Knowing Love is the One Experience that fulfills a reason To Be.

Tone 9 holds the Peak Energy to complete our Experience of Knowing Love. We’ll Know the Power of Love to change the way we see our Self, and all our experiences of Living. Tone 9 extends the Gifts of Patience and the Retrospection to see the Bigger Picture of how Love changes everything.

Transformer/CIMI is the Sign of a Major Life Change. The face of death illustrates that something always dies when something new is born. An old way of living is dying away. A life’s journey of seeking Love with the fear we’d never find it is Over. We found a…

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